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I grew up in the small town of Sebec, Maine, wandering in the woods exploring the natural world around me. I had always been fascinated by water and my explorations seemed to lead me to water as that was where I felt most comfortable. Through trial and error, I honed my fishing skills over the years and learned many valuable lessons along the way. In 2014 I realized my dream and became a Registered Maine Guide. For more information:


Success really depends on each individual and what you are looking to get out of a situation. Just making it out onto the water can be considered a success to some while others are looking for something else. As a guide success is something that each client or friend that we take out determine for […]

Family Time

As a guide I am spending as much time as possible outside, so it is only natural to try and include those that are close to me as often as I can. When they are family members these trips can be much different than those with clients or friends. My in-laws are a prime example. […]